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What is the best system for simultaneous interpretation?

Our more than 30 years of experience have shown us that the most reliable and suitable system is to use ISO4043 simultaneous interpretation booths. These simultaneous translation booths are ideal for organising congresses, conferences, seminars or courses with at least two working languages.

Despite the fact that other types of systems exist, we always recommend using translation booths:

  1. cabina de traducción iso4043Improve the quality of the interpreting service.
  2. The current standards call for it..
  3. This is what they were expressly designed for, increasing the comfort level for interpreters and event attendees.

ISO4043 simultaneous translation booths.

All of ASTI’s simultaneous interpretation booths comply with European standard ISO4043. We currently have one of the largest stocks of ISO4043:2016 booths in Spain, featuring the latest technological advances in the sector.

ISO4043:21016 simultaneous interpretation booth technology

Structural materials

All of the ISO4043:21016 simultaneous translation booths are made of carbon fibre and aluminium. As a result, despite their large size, they are easy to assemble and to transport.

Ventilation system

Furthermore, in accordance with the current European regulations, all of our mobile ISO 4043:2016 simultaneous interpretation booths are equipped with a ventilation system. Many permanent booths have air conditioning systems. However, the ISO standard also includes an air extraction system that replaces the air inside the booth thereby removing CO2. This is important as CO2 causes interpreters to feel drowsy.

Lighting system

In addition, our ISO4043:2016 booths include a completely adjustable LED lighting system. This is complemented by the lamps that ASTI provides all of the interpreters in its mobile booths. This makes it possible to dim or brighten the lighting inside the booth, depending on circumstances.


In accordance with the ISO standards, the internal dimensions of our simultaneous interpretation booths are as follows:

160cm wide

160cm deep

200cm high

Shutting system

Our booths shut using magnets, which improves their soundproofing. Their versatility in terms of assembly allows for a range of options depending on the room: side door, back door and so on. Furthermore, our simultaneous translation booths are accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Improvements to ISO4043:2016 booths compared to standard ISO4043:1998

Interpretation booth’s increased soundproofing.

Addition of a back window.

Adjustable LED lighting system.

Montaje de una cabina ISO4043:2016

¿Quieres saber más sobre nuestras cabinas ISO4043? ¿Quieres contar con ellas en tu próximo evento? Ponte en contacto con nosotros y estaremos encantados de ayudarte.

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