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European works council

LOCATION: Valencia

DATE: October 2018

LANGUAGE: 5 European Union languages

TYPE OF SERVICE PROVIDED BY ASTI: Simultaneous interpretation, megaphone and microphone system.

MATERIAL USED: 4 ISO4043:2016 Booths, Bosch Digital DCN-DCS conference system, Bosch DCN-NG Integrus I-Desk, 50 Bosch LBB 4540/08 digital receivers, Mackie self-amplified loudspeakers, Mackie mixing desks.

DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT: Last October ASTI provided material and technical assistance at the European works council of an important European aviation company in Valencia. Above and beyond the quality of our material and the peerless technical skills of our personnel, what we fundamentally bring is our experience and know-how of this sort of work meeting.


Companies that have 1,000 European workers and operate in various EU countries, or at least 150 workers and workplaces in two EU countries are required to organise European Works Councils.

Furthermore, these are held every year in one of the countries in which the company operates.


Firstly, one of the most important things for European works councils is the way the table is arranged. Being a discussion meeting in which there may be anything from three to 40 people, it should always be set out in a U shape.

Secondly, the sound technician needs to speak more than one language. There are some European works councils where the interpreters come from various parts of Europe, but do not speak Spanish. The lingua franca in that case is English. As such, ASTI has technicians who are not just specialists in simultaneous interpretation meetings, but who also speak both English and French perfectly.

And, finally, sound quality is core. Given the delicate nature of the subjects being addressed, both at these meetings and at others where a simultaneous interpretation system is installed, ASTI guarantees that interpreters benefit from the best possible working conditions. We provide unbeatable audio so that the voices of the speakers reach the interpreter clearly, and we install ISO4043:2016 mobile booths which soundproof the interpreter completely from any background noise from the room or from other interpreters.


It all depends on the number of languages and people attending the meeting. This particular European works council had four booths, though that isn’t as big as some we’ve done. In 2010 in Getafe (Madrid) we provided services at a European works council with 16 booths, which meant 17 of the 27 EU languages. ASTI provides technical and material support at approximately 18 European works councils per year.

ASTI, more than 30 years providing communications services

At ASTI we guarantee the best possible solution for hosting your European Works Council. Our experience and commitment to quality are our best calling card. Let us advise you, and we promise we won’t disappoint. The more than 300 meetings of this type we’ve done to date vouch for us.