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Events Interpretation

ASTI has been providing simultaneous interpretation services at all sorts of events since 1986, including: speeches, press conferences, conventions, conferences, works councils and bilateral meetings. We are one of the most well-established and experienced companies in the Madrid region. Trust in ASTI’s experience and professionalism.


Corporate negotiations, results presentations and shareholder board meetings all involve extremely sensitive material. We need highly-qualified and discreet interpreters. For ASTI, your privacy is paramount. And that is why all of our interpreters sign a confidentiality agreement. Don’t worry, with us everything you say will remain in the strictest confidence.

Have you got a business meeting with an international client?

Do you need a qualified interpreter for a bilateral meeting? Have you got important negotiations and need things to go smoothly? Hire the services of a professional ASTI interpreter. Because the important thing is for your negotiations to be successful.

Do you want to organise an international conference in a range of languages?

ASTI’s team of interpreters will ensure your message is understood perfectly in any of the required languages. The simultaneous interpreting of events is in our DNA, so place your trust in our professionalism.

32 years providing communications services