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Professional material for your events

Since its outset in 1986, ASTI has been committed to innovation and cutting-edge audio-visual technology. We have at our disposal the most advanced audio-visual material on the market to make sure your event is synonymous with success. Microphone systems, projection, audio, video and, in particular, simultaneous interpretation material are our speciality. Are you looking for help from a leading company? ASTI is the answer.

Simultaneous translation

Are you looking for the best simultaneous translation system? At ASTI we have the latest Bosch digital system. The Bosch Integrus digital infrared language distribution system will ensure simultaneous interpretation is your best option.

What does the Bosch Integrus system offer?:

  • Latest-generation digital technology.
  • User-friendly choice of channels.
  • Freedom of movement for participants thanks to its LBB4540 digital receivers.
  • Audio quality.
  • Confidentiality.

Choose the best audio-visual material. Choose ASTI for your event.


If you want the simultaneous translation of your event to go without a hitch, you need to install ISO4043:2016 mobile booths. These booths comply with current ISO standards and are perfectly sound-proofed. As of 2020 it will not be possible to install the old wooden ones. Don’t let the regulations spoil your event.

ASTI has one of the largest stocks of ISO4043:2016 booths in Spain. Are you looking for excellence? Our booths can provide it.

material audiovisual: cabina iso4043

Audio-visual services

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Are you looking for a high-quality microphone service? ASTI only works with market-leading brands: Bosch, Shure and Sennheiser. Do you need a conference microphone system? Our Bosch DCN conference solutions are just what you need.  An exceptional lapel or headset mic? Our Sennheiser microphones won’t disappoint. Do you need a table microphone? Hire one of our Shure mics and set your mind at rest. The best audio-visual material on the market so your event is a success.
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