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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation caters for all sorts of meetings. It is particularly recommended for conferences, congresses, events, interviews, political meetings, TV or radio programmes, and so on. In other words, any kind of meeting or event in which participants need to be translated for a numerous audience.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting is carried out at the same time as the person is speaking, to and from as many languages as are needed. To this end it is necessary to make use of specific and specialised technical equipment.  ASTI offers a comprehensive service providing its own technical equipment and expert professionals. We offer simultaneous interpreting services in all EU languages, with a team of native, specialised and discreet interpreters.


Over the past 14 years we have lent technical assistance and provided simultaneous interpreting services at more than 260 European works councils for major multinationals from all sectors. Put your trust in us. We are sector innovators and provide a high-quality, reliable service.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is more suitable for meetings held in no more than two languages and for a limited number of people. The interpreter translates after the person has spoken, alternating with him/her and taking notes.
As such, no technical equipment is required for consecutive interpreting. However, it is a slower process than simultaneous interpreting. Furthermore, consecutive interpretation calls for high levels of concentration from the interpreter.

But if you’re looking for quality and discretion in your business meetings, don’t hesitate to hire ASTI’s consecutive interpreting services.


This is a variation of consecutive interpretation. In consecutive whispered interpretation, the interpreter whispers the translation of what is being said into the client’s ear.

As a result, this sort of consecutive interpretation is only really recommended for bilateral meetings or those with not many people.

Consecutive whispered interpreting requires an enormous amount of concentration, a high level of accuracy and a certain knowledge of protocol.


Full working day:

Maximum 7hrs x 2 interpreters.

Single speech or address:

Maximum 90 minutes x 1 interpreter.

Half day:

Maximum 4hrs x 2 interpreters.


From 7 hours on, per interpreter.

Interim day in situ:

50% of full working day.

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